Distraction Thefts – “You Dropped This Money”

Niagara Regional Police

Over the past several weeks, incidents have been occurring at retail stores that result in the theft and fraudulent use of credit and debit cards.

Citizens have been reporting the following:
After leaving a checkout and paying for a purchase, a citizen is approached by a person indicating they dropped money. The suspect will have a ten or twenty dollar bill and hand it to the citizen.

Soon after, the citizen will discover that the card they had just used for their purchase in missing from their wallet or purse. After the fact, persons recalled having someone standing directly behind them while they were entering their PIN into the credit and debit machine at the retail outlet.

While using credit and debit machines be aware of your surroundings and ensure no one is close enough to watch you enter your PIN. If necessary, do what you can to conceal the PIN pad while entering your PIN into the credit / debit machine.
If you are approached by someone claiming that you dropped money and are suspicious of their intentions, ignore them and walk away.
While communicating with strangers be aware of the locations of your purse, wallet and debit and credit cards especially if a card is still in your hand.
If you believe it’s warranted, report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

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