COVID-19: Prevention key to saving lives

By Mike Williscraft
For NewsNow

Despite school closures, requests for social distancing and suggested 14-day self-quarantine for anyone returning to Canada, many are not adhering to these guidelines as the COVID-19 incidence rate continues to escalate.

The lack of attention to these preventative measures forced Premier Doug Ford to issue a closure notice to all non-essential businesses in Ontario effective Wednesday, March 28, at midnight.

The number of area residents who are not taking the issue seriously was clearly evidenced by the numbers of people who flocked to Beamers Conservation Area on the weekend.

With vehicles parked all along the Quarry Road entranceway to Beamer’s both Saturday and Sunday and several hundred making their way along the paths throughout the area it painted a stark
picture for one resident.

“I just wondered what all those people were thinking,” said a caller to NewsNow who lives along Ridge Road, near Quarry Road.

“Cars and people were everywhere, like it was Thanksgiving weekend. People from all over, who knows who they would come in contact with.”

That was not the only example of local residents brushing off pleas to stay home and/or self isolate.

Another caller Saturday morning outlined a disturbing circumstance she encountered while grocery shopping Friday evening.

“I had got some toilet paper at the SuperStore after looking for a week and a lady approached me as I walked out. The lady asked how much the toilet paper cost,” recalled the caller, who wished to remain anonymous.

“When I told the lady how much it was, she said it was so much cheaper in the States. I asked, “you were down there?”

“She said, ‘We just got back’.” I said to her “you are not supposed to be in the store, you are supposed to be home self-isolating.”

“I said, “I am shopping for someone who just got back from Florida yesterday, getting them groceries and dropping them off on their porch. She said she had nobody to do that.”

More surprising than that exchange was her closing comment.

“The person checking me out said she had had five people that day say they just got back from Florida,” the caller added.

When announcing the closure of all non-essential businesses, Premier Ford made his feelings clear.

“Go directly home and stay home. You are putting thousands and thousands of people at risk,” said Ford of those ingnoring the 14-day self-quarantine order.

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton agreed.

“Cavalier attitudes about social distancing, self-isolation and vigorous hand washing routines will put you and your community at risk,” said Easton.

“Pay attention. Follow the public health rules. Smarten up!”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday bringing in the military to ensure compliance is one of the measures being considered at this time.

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