Opinion: If you want to shop local, we can help

By Mike Williscraft

Streamlined and me have not been in the same sentence very often in my life but, I’ve got to say, I have never moved in a more streamlined fashion than in the last 10 days.

The reason for this is not only am I endeavouring to keep this humble little community newspaper floating, but I am more than happy to help the merry band of volunteers get toyourdoorstep.ca up and running to help local restaurants and, now, the grimsbyrocksbox.com is also taking shape in record time.

It does help to have some excellent support in Karen Remers of Simply Moto and Bryan Macaulay of Village Studio. As well, when retailers jump on board at a moment’s notice. The details are on Page 6, so I won’t duplicate, but I will note some things I did not have room for there.

First, I registered LincolnRocksBox.ca – .com was taken – in case anyone wants to get volunteers together in that municipality to draft on the infrastructure at some point. There are still kinks to work out, but with time being of the essence for many, we’re rolling on.

The beauty is a retailer like Main West Men’s Wear, which has been closed to ride out the COVID-19 storm, can get their name out there and generate a few bucks by offering one component of a “box” set of items.

We just put out some calls early Tuesday (deadline day for the paper) and response was immediate. We are simply attempting to match the consumer with a retailer using “no touch” delivery as a conduit just as the volunteers with toyourdoorstep.ca are doing.

Whether we sell three or 300, I don’t really care. This is about creating a possibility by filling a need and wherever it goes, it goes. We do see some potential for sustainability after COVID-19 and we see an application to develop themed packages, like a Heritage Box – which could include anything from a Grimsby T-shirt, postcards, an item unique to this area, admission to a Nelles Manor Tour and who knows what else.

We will also be planning some special Mother’s Day boxes – all with local flare (I say flare ‘cause I won’t be conjuring them up….I am NO shopper, but we have enlisted some masters of the craft!!!)

If any retailers in Grimsby want to offer up an item to be included in a box offering, please get in touch. We will be growing slowly and will adapt as needed. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully it helps.


First I got a note from a couple of Hunter Road residents, then I got this email from another very happy west end resident.

Just wanted to share something amazing that happened to us today. There was a knock on our door and when I opened the door there was a beautiful large hydrangea plant and a smaller daisy plant sitting on our porch. Two gentlemen were delivering plants to every house on our street! Each plant had a card attached with a lovely message and had been sent via P. Ravensbergen & Sons from Smithville and the Covenant Canadian Reformed Church at Grassie. Another message offered a name and phone number if someone needed a phone call, groceries or supplies, a prayer or posting of mail to those in self isolation. I am so impressed by the kindness and generosity of this gesture especially during such challenging times. I would also add a huge ‘thank you’ for the generosity and kindness!

On behalf of the beneficiaries of this massive act of kindness, I offer the same thank you on behalf of those who did not have the opportunity.

Some info on the company from their website:

P. Ravensbergen & Sons Ltd. is a family owned business located in the heart of the Niagara Region, in operation since 1956. We are a wholesale grower/distributor and have built a reputation of providing high quality products at competitive pricing.

They are also a partner with Pick Ontario, an organization whose purpose is to promote Ontario grown flowers and potted plants to the consumer.

They are located on South Grimsby Rd. 10 south of Hwy. 20

There have been some other random acts of kindness and I will get to them as we can all use more good news, yes?

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