NewsNow E-Edition January 26, 2023

Being a leader in a time of COVID

By Tristan Marks

Organizations need leaders, not heroes.

That is the advice Sean Reid, president and head coach of Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Services, has for companies, charities and more weathering the COVID-19 storm.

“Your people don’t need you to be a hero or have all the answers, they need you to be authentic and empathetic,” said Reid.

Sean Reid, head coach and president of Arrowhead Coaching
Arrowhead Coaching head coach Sean Reid advises business leaders to be open and empathetic with their employees.

Reid’s business, Arrowhead Coaching, is a leadership coaching and consulting company that helps leaders lead with clarity and confidence with coaching and tailored programs to meet specific needs for business and organization leaders.

Arrowhead’s clientele includes businesses, not-for-profits and other forms of organization. While no two are exactly alike with their needs- especially during a pandemic- Reid said there are strategies that all can employ.

“Mental health professionals are unanimous about what every worker needs to be doing right now, whether they’re a CEO or on the front lines,” he said. “They all need connection, clarity and consistency.”

Connection, Reid said, requires leaders to regularly check in and support their people, especially where face-to-face communication is hampered by social distancing.

“That starts with employees, but also includes customers, partners, suppliers- anybody who is in the ecosystem that supports their business,” said Reid.

He added that this can be a two-way street, and leaders with superiors should maintain connection with them as well.

Clarity is equally important, said Reid. He suggested that leaders develop 30, 60 and 90 day action plans to orient personal and organizational actions in the present.

“Having longterm plans creates psychological peace of mind for a leader, which they pass down to employees, suppliers and others,” he said.

Lastly, Reid said all leaders need consistency. This requires establishing routines, habits and rhythms in the work life on regular basis.

“Establishing these for yourself and for your team will bring a lot more organizational peace, stability and focus,” he said.

Arrowhead continues to provide its tailored services during the pandemic. Visit for more info on these services and look up Arrowhead Coaching on Facebook for free videos with more advise from Sean Reid.

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