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Jacob Baradziej, Ward 4, Grimsby 202

Jacob Baradziej








Jacob Baradziej, Ward 4, Grimsby 2022

Dear Grimsby,
My name is Jacob Baradziej, and I’m running for ward 4 councillor in Grimsby.
Municipal politics has the most impact on our day-to-day lives, and I’m running to be the change that I’d like to see occur.
As a born and raised Grimsby resident, I am well rooted in Grimsby’s past 100 years. Dating back to my great-grandparents and an old farm by kerman ave. before my time.
I also care deeply about Grimsby’s next 100 years. This election may be Grimsby’s most important yet. The next council’s policy decisions have the potential to change our town permanently. Our current council has passed its expiry date and it’s time Grimsby residents demanded more from their elected officials, and their elected officials did more with the resources and tax dollars provided.
That starts with conduct. I’ll work to foster a positive working environment in council chambers. This will save the taxpayer the bill for third parties needed to solve petty disputes in our current council. And result in a step toward a more efficient government. I pledge to leave egos and biases at the door when in council chambers, and rid of the theatrics of a “Grimsby 5”.
We need to ensure growth is done in pace with our traffic and infrastructures threshold. Nobody wants bottleneck traffic jams in Grimsby. With the go-train coming in the near future, densification will sure follow transit. Superior governments will have densification goals around their investment. We need to find ways to meet these goals, and provide transportation amenities to Grimsby without sacrificing the heritage of our town, or overloading our current infrastructure and public services.
Parking, I’m hearing a lot about parking from ward 4 residents in Grimsby on the Lake. I would look to increase the minimum parking requirements for future developments in the immediate vicinity. As well as look to public-private partnerships to build a public parking structure in Grimsby on the lake’s core. Especially as potential 502 winston and Casablanca inn projects loom, parking issues from previous developments cannot be allowed to compound.
I’d like to see the woodlot continue to be protected; the case to extend Livingston has a valid traffic argument in terms of increased flow, and reduction of bottlenecks. I’d like to incorporate walking trails and increase community engagement with the woodlot. A number of residents have voiced they would like more trails in Grimsby. If these trails were to be connected to the Bruce trail it could preserve the woodlot long term.
I hope to have the chance to earn your vote and represent you in council chambers this term. My goal is to connect with each and every one of you during this campaign. If I haven’t been in contact with you and you would like to talk about anything Grimsby, please reach out to me and follow my campaign page at;
My friends and neighbours, together let’s vote for a fresh vision for Grimsby’s 2nd century!
Thank you!

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