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Reg Freake, Ward 1, Grimsby 2022

Reg Freake









Reg Freake, Ward 1, Grimsby 2022

During my 1st term, despite many obstacles, my reputation a speaks for itself. I worked hard and gave my best to the community. As Councillor, most residents of Grimsby told me I am approachable, that I listened, and responded accordingly. The community at large also stated their BIGGEST criticism of the past 4 years was poor governance which interrupted progress and oft times dismissed the public voice. Although the pandemic was a factor, many residents felt that it was used as a smokescreen which kept them in the dark.

In THIS election, I believe, and hope, that voters have become more educated and will seek to elect good quality apolitical candidates whom they can trust AND who have adequate skills and experience, with a long-term vision for a vibrant future for the Town. If I’m re-elected, I will work diligently with all parties towards fixing what’s been broken, building on what worked, and developing a renewed trust and strategy for Grimsby’s future – one we can all embrace.

The volatility, caused by mediocre management, and disrespectful conduct, was at the expense of the community, the past term undoubtably had an excessively negative impact on The Town’s ability to achieve some key initiatives. Although we achieved many good things it took much longer and sometimes not in the best spirit and not as planned. I feel we could’ve done better.

SOME of the key initiatives which I supported OR proposed included:

  • The disposition of the costly bio-digester (done)

  • Proposed a 20% council salary reduction (defeated)

  • Advocated the downtown traffic/parking study (in process)

  • Promoted the Vision Zero & Safer Roads Initiative (passed)

  • Supporter of the retention of Grimsby Power (done)

  • Championed Grimsby Beaches Land-Use Study (done)

I challenge everyone to “raise the bar” to achieve a much higher voter turnout than the last election. What we do in the next term will set the course for our children’s generation. We must project into the future and make informed decisions TODAY.

We need to work corroboratively with all levels of the community, government, and qualified partners; always be diligent and respectful of the source of our revenue (taxpayers) while we plan and build a town which offers quality of life for our residents.

In the past term, many residents, some councillors, and some town staff feel that the town’s reputation was tainted, business never got done effectively, integrity and trust was questionable, and the community’s voice was unheard or dismissed. If voters choose to support and re-elect me I will dedicate my time and energies to restore confidence, continue to conduct myself professionally and work to restore and repair the culture of Town Hall.

A few of my top priorities in the next term include:

  • Good governance and professional conduct

  • More community engagement

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Protection of our natural environment

  • Appropriate responsible development

  • Efficient management of town assets/services

  • Improved management and communications.

This is “Your Town, Your Ward, Your Choice” so VOTE for Me in Ward 1 on Monday October 24, 2022.

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