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Mike’s “Christmas” rant — ‘Twas the night before something strange

The tradition continues… (With apologies to Clement C. Moore) ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through town, Not a taxpayer was stirring, they all sported frowns. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, I ...

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Mike’s Rant — Consider yourself slapped, Grimsby!

I am going to reach out – please picture this, good reader – and collectively slap every resident of Grimsby right now. Did you feel it? I certainly hope so because you people need to wake the heck up before you find a ...

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Mike’s rant: Fundamental hydro questions abound

Yikes! I had thought of many smart butt leads for this week’s offering as I sat at Grimsby’s Finance and Administration Committee meeting on Monday evening. But I don’t want the straight up facts of what is materializing to ...

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Mike’s Rant: Anyone ready to get a little dirty?

Yes, I am a procrastinator, but I left this space for last this week on purpose. Really, I had to, if not wanted to, as virtually everyone in the door and person I spoke to on the phone said, “Hey, were you at the hospital meeti ...

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Thanks for all the support

Before I go any further, I have to give my hard-working staff a big thank you. Big week for us this week. With out little staff of four FT equivalents we put out 86 pages of fun this week. That’s the 32-page Lincoln Progress edi ...

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WLMH proposal worthy of time

I went into more detail last week, but just want to note next Thursday’s important meeting at the Grimsby Activity Centre (formerly Grimsby Seniors Centre). Hamilton Health Sciences’ team will unveil what they proposed future ...

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Seriously? Grimsby Grudge Match?

You’ve heard of the Punch up at Piestany? Well, we now have the Grimsby Grudge Match. Now this is not on the same scale as our Junior boys kicking some Ruskie butt at the World Juniors in 1987, but it was every bit as shocking f ...

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Mike’s rant: New info, new review makes sense

The danger about blathering on about Grimsby biodigester project is the whole thing will simply become background noise and nobody will care or pay attention. There is fine line between providing important, new researched ...

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Mike’s Rant — Door of communication just closed

I suck at drawing. And it’s too bad. If there are any aspiring editorial cartoonists out there, call me…seriously. So picture this: a black and white cartoon parked where the smiling Leafs tickets winner is. Picture the Wh ...

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Mike’s Rant: Clearly something was wrong

It seems as though Town of Grimsby officials will move relatively swiftly in dealing with a bizarre policy implemented seemingly overnight last week. With no notice to users, the Lake Street dog park was padlocked in the evening l ...

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