Mike’s Column: No joy in Mudville today

No, no room for jokes, attempted jokes or frivolity. The stakes are too high, sentiment is too hot and nerves are too frayed. There is also absolutely no joy in writing about a topic I have covered intensely for three years, all t ...

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Editorial: Say it ain’t so, Rob

Go to your closet or your knickknack shelf, find your blue candle circa 1997, dust it off and prepare yourself. For what, you ask? The most important West Lincoln Memorial Hospital dialogue in 20 years…that’s what. For sta ...

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Winston Road reader gives up: moving away

Dear Editor, Since moving to Grimsby with the thought of retiring here I have always read your editorial. I read with interest all your comments about the  Grimsby council and the new Winston Road development. I have been a part ...

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West Lincoln MURS — Letters to the Editor (3)

The following 3 Letters to the Editor appeared in newsnow: West Lincoln MURS needs “breathing room” in budget: reader Dear Editor, Controversy has been swirling around Mayor Joyner’s MURS since NewsNow’s recent coverage of ...

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ARC meetings should start later and be complete: reader

Dear Editor, I note that the ARC meetings for West Niagara have been scheduled. I also note that the ISR, senior staff recommendations and rationale, and School Information Profile Reports will only be reviewed in detail at the fi ...

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Mike’s Rant — Consider yourself slapped, Grimsby!

I am going to reach out – please picture this, good reader – and collectively slap every resident of Grimsby right now. Did you feel it? I certainly hope so because you people need to wake the heck up before you find a ...

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Proposed hydro re-alignment gives taxpayer short end of stick: reader

Dear Editor, On Monday, during the dog days of summer, Grimsby’s finance committee quietly convened to take care of some issues that have been plaguing the Town. First order of business is to further stack the deck of having mor ...

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Questions remain for Finance attendee

Dear Editor, I sent a draft of this note to Finance and Administration Chair Carolyn Mullins also. Last evening I attended the A&F meeting and left with a thousand unanswered questions. The concerns I have are the following: W ...

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Seriously? Grimsby Grudge Match?

You’ve heard of the Punch up at Piestany? Well, we now have the Grimsby Grudge Match. Now this is not on the same scale as our Junior boys kicking some Ruskie butt at the World Juniors in 1987, but it was every bit as shocking f ...

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Former alderman raises biodigester concerns

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, As a former long-term alderman and chair of Finance, I have become troubled by the bio-digester fiasco that has erupted. While this $4.5 million project has not garnered near the public scrutiny i ...

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