Delight Davoli

Biodigester research continues

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Anyone looking to the recently installed Grimsby Energy board for immediate answers and quick decisions regarding the Sobie Road biodigester is looking in the wrong direction. While last week’s specia ...

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Mike’s Column: No joy in Mudville today

No, no room for jokes, attempted jokes or frivolity. The stakes are too high, sentiment is too hot and nerves are too frayed. There is also absolutely no joy in writing about a topic I have covered intensely for three years, all t ...

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Biodigester now on life support

All financial options exhausted and $15 million in debt, Town will have to “loan” another $300K to keep the Sobie Road site operational By Mike Williscraft NewsNow With $15 million in liabilities and the need for an immediate ...

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