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NewsNow Podcast: Episode 2

This week Mike welcomes Mark Kossek, a Grimsby resident so frustrated with the state of Grimsby Council that he started a petition asking the Province to intervene. Kossek’s petition clicked past the 1000 signatures mark in ...

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Petition seeking intervention takes off

By Tristan Marks NewsNow An online petition seeking a province-led investigation into administrative issues at the Town of Grimsby was launched last week, clicking by the 1,000 milestone Monday. Grimsby resident Mark Kossek posted the petit ...

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Local groundwork being set for “recall” law

New citizens groups – virtual, physical and social media – have all been organized in Grimsby over the last month with a common goal at the heart of their discussion – new recall legislation for municipal politic ...

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CAO moves create a “Now-toxic environment” – Former Mayor Bob Bentley

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow The fallout and reaction from another four staff members being dismissed from the Town of Grimsby last week was magnified by a disturbing pattern which goes back to early 2020, says Grimsby’s former m ...

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Town hall purge devastates Grimsby staff

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow “If you work for the Town of Grimsby, no matter who you are, your job is not safe. You could be the Pope and in charge of a daily prayer and you could be gone tomorrow.” That comment came last week from a Tow ...

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After three swings IC tosses out complaints on conflict of interest

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Grimsby’s Integrity Commissioner (IC) tossed out two complaints and a third was withdrawn at Monday’s council meeting regarding a suggested conflict of interest with Coun. Reg Freake. In his present ...

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Council withdraws lawn sign threats

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow It may be a temporary move, but Grimsby council referred the Town’s ongoing lawn sign matter to staff for a report on Monday and rescinded pending letters threatening further action if signs weren’t removed. ...

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A plane flying in the sky has a sign trailing behind it that reads: "Who speaks for Ward 3?"

Sign ‘ball’ back in resident’s court

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow While those involved in council’s Grimsby 5 have bemoaned legal fees at several points, it appears they better reload the Town’s litigation coffers. On the heels of spending in excess of $8,000 for Coun. Rand ...

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A with glasses and a beard holds up a sign that reads: "who speaks for the people of ward 3?"

Much ado about $264 from mayor’s security breach query

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow When five members of Grimsby council voted Feb. 16 to have Mayor Jeff Jordan pay a $1,300 invoice after he made an inquiry regarding a security breach, they did so without all the details in front of them. At the ...

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A scan of Mayor Jeff Jordan's invoice.

Opinion: Wood not water soluble, is it?

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow This week is a bit of a “corner turner” if you will on a few fronts. With the new super school site for West Niagara Secondary the latest – and likely the most complete information the public is likely to s ...

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Grimsby council rejects sign proposal protecting freedom of expression 5-4

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow After a resident was threatened with a fine for a lawn sign questioning his Ward 3 representation, Grimsby Coun. Lianne Vardy sought to remedy Charter of Rights and Freedoms concerns on Monday night. Vardy’s No ...

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Opinion: Time for Grimsby 4 to resign

Grimsby residents know who they are. Mayor Jeff Jordan Coun. Dorothy Bothwell Coun. Reg Freake Coun. Lianne Vardy These elected officials’ services are clearly redundant and obviously no longer required, so they may as well just pack it i ...

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Opinion: Et tu, Harnick? Not!

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Vindictiveness. Hate. Childishness. Spite. Stubbornness. Bullying. Manipulation. Ridiculousness. When one asks, what would possess the publisher to give up four full pages of space to one silly council story, loo ...

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Opinion: Town of Grimsby needs to shuffle the deck, again

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Tuesday night of this week was Grimsby’s first – and really its only public session – for input into the 2021 budget process. Few residents would know that, because the was no proper public notice. ...

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Anatomy of a disenfranchisement

(Editor’s Note: The following is a word-for-word account of the lengthy debate conducted at Grimsby’s Town Council meeting of Tuesday, 16. It is NOT a transcript. There some simple introductions, jibberish and non-relevant chatter left ...

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UPDATED: Grimsby councillor roasted by Integrity Commish

Coun. Kevin Ritchie recommended for censure for “premeditated action…designed to malign and insult” By Mike Williscraft NewsNow ***** UPDATED: August 6, 2020 (Editor’s Note: Due to repeated and ongoing requests, this story h ...

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Town of Grimsby

NewsNow document request should proceed: MMAH

Joanne McDonald NewsNow The clock is ticking on NewsNow’s Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request, according to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The request was submitted to town hall on Friday, June 12, seeking a copy of t ...

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NewsNow | Proudly serving Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln & Winona

Opinion: Disconnected council rejects wage roll back

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow It had been a while since the carnival was in town for a regular council meeting, a month in fact, since several special meetings were set up since their last regular meeting March 2, but Monday night ...

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Fiscal restraint rejected, EDO to be hired asap

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Grimsby town council turned a rare triple play Monday night, three instances where the town’s taxpayers were snubbed, says Coun. Reg Freake. While some members of council hoped to have some recently a ...

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