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Grimsby in right place, right time

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Tons of things going on, so I’m going to split this offering up to cover maximum ground. I got in touch with Major Richard Robinson, Commanding officer of the 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadi ...

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Time for tough stance on odour issue

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Nobody would have been able to convince me throughout this entire year that the findings of the provincially sanctioned regional governance review could or should take a back seat to any other issue, bu ...

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Time for politicians to simply do better

Generally, topics of a federal nature don’t make the grade for column material much, not because such fodder is not important but it is all about priorities and NewsNow’s priority is Niagara West and what is happening in our f ...

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Odour a problem or not, go to meeting

There is no doubt, public meetings hosted by municipalities are normally pretty boring. Yes, they are important often times, but boring just the same. Next week, Town of Lincoln will host its first two of three open houses regardi ...

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Dough in hand, HHS can get it done

Many, many, many months ago, Tony Joosse was asking HHS for one simple thing: a barbecue on the front lawn to show the staff at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital how much they mean to the community. No doubt they needed the mental bo ...

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Cavalry better get here soon!

Not many people know about this, but I’ve got a good buddy who works for the Maple Leafs. He just told me the Leafs traded Mitch Marner to the Pittsburgh Penguins for  Sidney Crosby and they thought this would only be a good pl ...

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Commentary by Mike: When answers bring more questions

Wow. Just wow. And not in a good way. I’ve been doing this a long time, too long depending on who you ask, but I digress. Dealing with end-of-life stories is never easy, even when the subject has lived a long, prosperous and hea ...

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Mike’s rant — NPCA issues just won’t subside

In the pick-a-topic, or council, atmosphere we live in these days where disruption, dysfunction and a significant level of core dislike among some council/board members/general public has become commonplace, one might think the Ni ...

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From the Publisher: Timing is everything in this game

Phew! The New Year is here and so are we. That’s a good thing, depending on your perspective, I suppose. There has been considerable tumult in the newspaper world, some care, some really give it no regard whatsoever. For obvious ...

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Mike’s rant — “Magic” dividend continues to amaze

Ya know, there are a few hearty souls – see suffered oxygen deprivation at some point in their lives – who are still paying attention to all the goings on regarding Grimsby Energy, Grimsby Power, Niagara Power, Holdco2 (whatev ...

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