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Opinion: Grandma’s lesson lives on

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Everybody is so kabobbled these days. Up is down. Left is right – capricious at best. There are precious few people who will miss 2020 when the world sees it in its collective rear view mirror. So ...

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Opinion: When is a report not a report

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow If there was a Monday in the week, rest assured something “fun” went down with Grimsby Council. Now, fun is relative…I get that and I realize full well some of you may be sick and tired of me ...

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Opinion: Heritage wins, WLMH weakened

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow It was a bumper crop of quality local news this week, I just wish it was more positive. Really, it’s a good mix ranging from unfortunate to weird. At the unfortunate end of the scale, we have West Lin ...

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Opinion: Heritage follows proper course

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow There was an interesting set of bookends at last Tuesday’s Heritage Committee meeting. The Zoom meeting started with members of the committee introducing themselves, except chair John Dunstall – ...

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Opinion: Casablanca project positive, but beware

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow It was a warm and fuzzy meeting for the Casablanca Inn open house last week when nary a member of the public wound up being part of the question and answer process. The project is massive. In the past, ...

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Opinion: Big week for Grimsby & downtown

  By Mike Williscraft NewsNow It was an epic week for Grimsby council and the start of something cool for downtown. It was a Titanic struggle and on life support at times but, finally getting all the players in one room regar ...

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Opinion: Clear as mud

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow In the end, it took about 20 emails to get to the point of no point, really, other than to be referred on to seek a legal opinion for any business operator who wants to know what they can or should do r ...

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Opinion: Nay was the only logical Century Condo vote

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow So Gabe DeSantis is a pretty cheesed off camper, and he should be. I have noted in this space several times in the last couple of years he really got sold down the river on more than one occasion with h ...

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Opinion: Integrity Commissioner got an eyeful

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Last week was a tough week for many reasons, but it was the kind of week when you take one for the team. I didn’t average an hour a day for time spent on this edition…I hate these 12-pagers. It ...

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Opinion: Small things add up

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow There have been lots of “big” things as Grimsby council has disintegrated before our eyes, but the “little” things continue to pile up as well. This week there were several little things and, no ...

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