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Extreme cold weather alert for Sunday

​  An Extreme Cold Weather Alert will go into effect on on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, as temperatures are expected to drop below -15 C.   The Extreme Cold Weather Alert is intended to mobilize outreach workers and community agen ...

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Mike’s Column: No joy in Mudville today

No, no room for jokes, attempted jokes or frivolity. The stakes are too high, sentiment is too hot and nerves are too frayed. There is also absolutely no joy in writing about a topic I have covered intensely for three years, all t ...

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GEI status report “highlights”

• The mandate and timeline of our study has been fast-tracked due to the critical financial condition of the company. • Both projects, the co-generation and bio-digester projects, incurred substantial losses. Both capital and ...

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Council reacts to biodigester revelations

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Shock and utter dismay on the part of Grimsby Council and members of the gallery met Monday’s Grimsby Energy status report. After newly installed Grimsby Energy Inc. board chairperson Delight Davoli m ...

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With dire biodigester details now released, what to do?

  OPINION With the status report and its initial findings of a detailed review of all things biodigester now public, Grimsby council is left with precious little in terms of options and will not be able to make a silk purse f ...

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Biodigester now on life support

All financial options exhausted and $15 million in debt, Town will have to “loan” another $300K to keep the Sobie Road site operational By Mike Williscraft NewsNow With $15 million in liabilities and the need for an immediate ...

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Hat Trick Hockey Standings – Week 9

NewsNow Hat Trick Hockey Standings as of Jan. 5, 2019 Week Nine 1 Munro, Jamie 778 2 Rohner, Logan 762 3 Glover, Dan 756 4 Matisz, John 746 5 Martinelle, Edda 745 6 Mucyk, Monica 742 7 Stefra 739 8 Burtt, Kevin 738 9 Cocelin, Andr ...

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Winter Winefest set for this weekend

Niagara’s Twenty Valley Winter WineFest returns to the streets of Jordan Village Jan. 11-13. The event showcases over thirty premium food and craft beverage producers for an authentic, local culinary experience. Back by popular ...

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People key to Stanpac success

Many know, especially in Smithville, of Stanpac’s ongoing success. Anyone who has noticed the massive expansion it has recently undergone knows the business is getting bigger and that means more jobs. While they are planning a c ...

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New Years baby arrives

Baby Harper McCausland arrived at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital at 1:42 a.m. on Jan. 1, weighing in at 6 lbs, 9 oz. to parents Grant McCausland and Shawna Holst. Harper is child number two in the family to older sister Quinn, who ...

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